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Shopiago Revolutionises Charity & Used Goods Retail

Traditional charity and used goods retail relies upon in-store stock being in the right place at the right time for the right customer. But this can leave mountains of unsold stock or items sold far below their market value.

Webstores and online marketplaces allow retailers to massively increase their exposure to millions of potential customers nationally and globally but researching, valuing and listing used goods can be a slow and painstaking process. What’s more, managing orders, shipping and messages using multiple software tools and websites is a time consuming chore.

With Shopiago, your charity can sell online anywhere, quickly, easily and more productively at higher prices and with dramatically reduced costs.

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Charity Shop

Selling used goods through one or more outlet to raise money for a charity

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Charity eCommerce Business

Centralised online selling and logistics

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Used Goods Retailer

Selling used goods for profit through one or more retail outlets

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Start Selling Online

Reach more customers

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Accelerate your sales

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Maximise your return

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Shopiago features at a glance

With Shopiago, you can...

Get online in minutes

Shopiago literally takes no time to set up. Just connect to your online selling accounts and away you go.

Sell in-store and online

With seamless integration with your webstore, eBay and more, Shopiago lets you manage all of your online selling in one place.

Sell everywhere

Why limit your selling opportunities by relying on in-store shoppers? By exposing stock to a national or global audience, you'll dramatically increase your profitability of making sales.

List your stock everywhere at once

With real time updates, Shopiago ensures that when an item sells through one channel, it is removed from all the rest.

Conduct rapid research

There's no need to resort to search engines to research and identify donated items. Shopiago searches for and locates matching items on your connected sales channels for you.

Clone listings

Why create listings from scratch when Shopiago allows you to clone selling or sold listings? You can copy content, pricing and images with a single click saving hours every day.

Price to sell

Guessing the right price is a thing of the past. Shopiago researches selling and sold prices to recommend the optimal selling price every time.

Increase listing productivity

By accelerating research, valuation and listing, you will experience substantial productivity gains and listing performance from each of your team members.

Sell more

By selling through more channels and exposing your stock to more potential customers whilst benefiting from dramatic productivity gains to list more products, your sales volumns will soar.

Maximise your selling price

With a range of selling formats across multiple sales channels, you can offer stock with multiple buying formats all at once to maximise your selling price.

Increase stock turns

Leverage eBay's auction format to accelerate sales and increase stock turns with auction durations as little as three days.

Boost your underperforming listings

View your listed items and find out at a glance which ones are destined for success and those that need enhancement to increase sales potential.

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