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Shopiago Collection:
The simple book collection service

We can collect your unsellable book stock to make more room for things that will sell for more.

Excess book clearance made easy

Out of space? Items you just can’t sell? At Shopiago, we’ve made book clearance easy. As well as Shopiago Trade-in (which pays cash for second-hand books, CDs, DVDs and computer games), we offer a book collection service - with no scanning required.
We understand that not all items – particularly old books – will scan for individual pricing. You may not have the resources to tackle a large quantity of second-hand books taking up valuable storage, retail or warehouse space. That’s where Shopiago Collection comes in.

Benefits of Shopiago Collection

Collection service for your needs

    How does Shopiago Collection work?

    It’s surprisingly simple really. With our help you’ll have stock cleared in no time.

    Shopiago Box up your unwanted surplus in a tote that we provide.
    Shopiago Book a free collection online and we’ll be round on a day that suits you.
    Shopiago We’ll collect from you and pay you by weight.

    Collection in numbers


    Books rehomed


    Books saved from landfill


    charities using our collection service

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    Enter Shopiago Trade-in – the quick and easy way to get rid of excess stock. You scan your items for an instant cash offer. We’ll collect your low value items. You make instant cash and free up space in your stockroom. Scan, sell, gone.

    Shopiago Ecommerce

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    With its unique ability to manage listings across different marketplaces, Shopiago spreads your online selling net wider, without the headache of managing multiple accounts. It reconciles your stock in real time (to avoid selling the same item twice) and helps you manage stock across multiple locations.

    The time we save by producing figures at the drop of a hat is a real treat, and you can quite easily lose yourself in all the metrics Shopiago has to offer.

    Emma David
    eBay Donated Manager, Sue Ryder

    We didn’t need any formal training as the platform is quite intuitive to use. The Shopiago team were on hand to offer support when we needed it, and provided helpful user guides which were easy to follow. Shopiago's developers listened to our feedback and were able to implement some of our suggestions.

    Sanphra Willmott
    Book Sales Manager at Suffolk Libraries

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