Staying organised with all the donated items you receive as a charity can be a big challenge. You want to get stock out for sale, but you’re constantly receiving new donations. It’s even more difficult when you need to manage what you’re selling online.

To maximise your profits, you need to get as many of your donated items listed as quickly as possible. You need to manage what stock has sold and what hasn’t. And you need to reach as many online buyers as possible. Shopiago helps you do all of that.


Keep track of all donated items

Knowing how many items you have for sale, which have been listed where, and which have been sold can be minefield. If you don’t have a simple way of finding this information, you’ll quickly get lost in stock. And your sales and customer service will suffer.

Connect with Shopiago, and you’ll be able to view of all your stock instantly. You can filter by sold and unsold, and quickly add new stock to your inventory via a bulk upload. It saves you time and reduces any confusion over stock management.

Maximise your exposure

Shopiago also helps you keep all your inventory in one place, whilst selling your donated items on multiple channels. You can list any single item on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify, putting the same product up for sale at the same time on each marketplace.

You manage all your stock from one location, and Shopiago does the hard work adjusting stock levels on each of the connected channels. It means your charity sales reach a much wider audience – you can double or even treble your exposure with just a few clicks.   

Prevent overselling

But one of the biggest dangers facing a multichannel eCommerce charity is overselling. If you’re not careful and timely with your stock management, you could find you’ve sold the same item on two different channels. Two buyers wanting one item.

Shopiago solves that problem, so you don’t need to worry. It updates all your stock levels in real time, so if an item sells on Amazon, the available stock on eBay reduces automatically. And if you’ve got just a single donated item, once that sells on one channel, all other listings are ended straight away.

Increase your sales

 With efficient stock management, you can increase your stock turnover, sell more donated items online and make more profit for your charity. If you can keep track of all your donations and listed items, and manage your stock easily, you’ll find you can list more and more online.

The key to efficient stock management is good software. Shopiago is tailored for charities to help you maximise your eCommerce sales. It takes all the hassle and effort away from stock management, so you and your staff can focus on other important areas of the business.