Why Charities Should Sell Online

Highstreet charity retail shops are invaluable for maintaining local awareness and for accepting and selling donations within the local community but exposure of your stock is limited to passing pedestrian traffic and regular customers. As a retailer, you’re reliant upon in-store stock being in the right place at the right time for the right customer. But this can leave mountains of unsold stock or result in many items being sold for far below their market value.

Why Charities Have Been Slow to Move Online

Webstores and online marketplaces like eBay allow charities to massively increase their exposure to millions of potential customers nationally and globally but researching, and valuing items then describing and listing them can be a slow, laborious, error-prone and painstaking process. What’s more, managing orders, shipping and messages using multiple software tools and websites is a time-consuming chore. With a largely volunteer workforce, time is a precious commodity for charities. It’s no wonder then that many are reluctant to start.

The Solution

With Shopiago, your charity can complement your highstreet shops by selling online anywhere, quickly, easily and more productively at higher prices and with dramatically reduced costs. The software is easier to use than eBay itself so literally anyone can be researching, valuing and listing donated items in minutes. Our customers include charities of all sizes, local, national and international and all have experienced a 3-5 times increase in listing productivity and up to twice the average selling price.