Shopiago for Used Goods Retailers

There are plenty of software tools available to help retailers sell new items – those with retail packaging and barcodes found in abundance on Amazon. But selling used goods online is different. Because every item has to be identified, valued and described accurately, selling online can seem daunting, complex and time consuming for used goods retailers. Shopiago was designed from the outset to help used goods retailers research, value, list and sell their goods quickly, efficiently and professionally at the best possible price.


There’s no need to resort to guesswork or search engines to research and identify donated items. Shopiago searches for and locates matching items for sale or sold on eBay, Amazon and Etsy for you. And if you have a smartphone or tablet you can use it to photograph and identify the item or scan the barcode if it has one.


Guessing the price is a thing of the past. Shopiago researches selling and sold prices across eBay, Amazon and Etsy as well as your own sales history to recommend the optimal selling price every time.


Creating listings or ads is time consuming and error-prone. Why create listings from scratch when Shopiago allows you to clone selling or sold listings? You can copy field content and pricing with a single click then take, edit and add images in seconds saving hours every day.


With seamless integration with your webstore, eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more, Shopiago lets you offer your stock for sale everywhere at the same time and manage all of your online selling in one place. And don’t worry about oversells and stock management because Shopiago has it covered.


Don’t waste time logging in to your webstore eBay and more every day to process your orders. Shopiago consolidates all of your online orders in one place and let’s you process them individually or in bulk. All of your order status updates are synced to your seller accounts in real time so your customers are kept up to date as you process their order and dispatch it.


There’s no need to log in to eBay and Amazon to manage your messages. Shopiago’s mailbox allows you to manage customer messages grouped by item and customer and assign them to specific members of your team.


If you’re struggling to find a cost effective solution for transporting stock from your shops to your central ecommerce facility or warehouse, we have the solution. Shopiago and our logistics partner World of Books call on thousands of charity shops every month and can collect any items that will fit in a tote quickly and cost effectively.

Easy, Fast and More Profitable

With Shopiago, your used goods retail business has the ability sell online anywhere, quickly, easily and more productively at higher prices and with dramatically reduced costs at real pace and scale. The software is so easy to use that literally anyone can be researching, valuing and listing donated items in minutes. It runs on any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and requires no professional installation. Our customers include businesses of all sizes, local, national and international listing anything from 20 to 5,000 items a week and all find that their staff can list items between 3-5 times faster than with eBay alone. What’s more, they sell goods for twice the average selling price they would get in their shops.