Staying in touch with potential buyers and current customers is an important part of running an eCommerce business. Managing messages and questions must be done in a timely and effective manner, in order to keep those customers happy and encourage shoppers to buy from you.

But message management is time consuming, especially if you have messages to reply to from several different accounts – one on Amazon, one on eBay, one on Etsy, and one on Shopify. You really want them all in one place. That’s what Shopiago does.


Improve internal processes

Shopiago connects with all your marketplace accounts in minutes. It gives you and your team a single place to view all messages and queries about your donated items for sale. One place to log into to see every message, from every account.

It helps you streamline and improve your message management processes.

You can quickly see any urgent messages or identify any that have not been answered.

You can assign individual messages to members of your team to respond to.

And you can quickly mark messages as resolved when they no longer require any action.

It helps you establish a simple, efficient workflow for your entire team.

Increase customer satisfaction

Good customer satisfaction and feedback is an essential part of eCommerce selling. If you want your charity to have a good reputation online and increase its sales, you’ll need to make sure your customers are as happy as possible.

Quick, responsive and helpful message management is the best way to keep your customers informed, engaged, and satisfied with your service. Shopiago lets you quickly and easily respond to messages without having to log in and out, download and refresh marketplace inboxes.

You and your team can quickly see all messages, grouped by item and by customer, and respond immediately.

Save time and effort

ECommerce message management is a necessary but time-consuming task for charities. Don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be. Connect with Shopiago and you’ll save your staff time and effort when they’re replying to messages.

Use Shopiago to keep all your messages together – from every connected channel – all in one place. One login, one system, one easy way to respond to customer queries.