Creating new listings is arguably the biggest and most time-consuming task when you’re selling online. For charities and businesses who have a lot of donated items to sell, adding new listings for each individual project is a huge project. One that often seems never ending.

But with so many identical items, and many just different because of colour or size, why should you waste time creating listings from scratch? Connect with Shopiago, and you don’t need to.


Save time creating new listings

Adding individual items to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy is a slow and painful process. With dozens of fields that require information, it can easily take up to 10 minutes a product. If you have a stockroom full of donated items, it will take your staff a long time to get everything listed online.

Shopiago solves the problem. You can clone listings instantly, replicating all the information you need for each subsequent item. It’s ideal if you have multiple listings for:

• Items of clothing with different sizes
• Identical items with different colours
• Different versions of the same item

Clone current or expired listings

Shopiago also saves you and your staff time by cloning information from other eCommerce listings, so you don’t have to find the details for new donated items.

Simply scan a barcode, enter a short description or upload an image and use Shopiago’s smart image recognition software. It then searches all live, sold and unsold listings on all connected channels, finding exact matches for you. You just replicate all the fields you need for your listing.

Capture images with one click

Finding and replicating product images for each new eCommerce listing can also be a big challenge. But after Shopiago has found exact or similar listings, you can simply capture the images you want for your listing with one click.

It saves time and effort for anyone selling online, but especially charities who may have little resource in-house to source product shots.

Start saving time and effort

Tailored for charities selling online

For the vast majority of businesses selling on eBay, Amazon and Etsy, listing replication software is an essential tool for day to day operations. If your charity wants to be successful in eCommerce selling, you’ll want it too.

Shopiago combines all the best listing replication software with several other features, all designed and tailored for the needs of charities. It’s the quick and simple way to save time and effort and increase your overall profits.