Whenever you sell any kind of donated goods – in-store or online – one of the biggest challenges is setting the price. How much is the item worth? What will buyers pay for it? Online, it’s even harder, with fierce competition and businesses always undercutting each other.

Valuing donated goods for sale on marketplaces is time consuming and often incorrect. It can involve a lot of guesswork. But it doesn’t have to. Shopiago can price items for you.


Stop Guessing Prices

Typically when charities and businesses list donated goods on marketplaces they have to guess the price at which to sell. They may put some effort into looking at similar items for sale, but this is time intensive. And when you’ve got hundreds of items to sell, you don’t have that kind of time.

Shopiago takes guesswork out of the equation. Its smart software searches all live, sold and unsold listings on connected marketplaces and analyses selling prices.

It automatically suggests the best price to list your donated goods at.  

Find The Optimal Value 

Shopiago helps charities list donated items at the optimal value. You need to make as much profit as possible from your online sales and getting the price wrong can really impact that.

Under price and you lose out on extra revenue. Over price and you lose the sale to a competitor.

But when you’ve analysed the price of all sold, unsold and live listings – as Shopiago does – you’ll know the optimal value for your item.

Increase Your Sales

All you need to do to value your donated items correctly with Shopiago is scan the barcode, enter a brief product description, or use the in-built image recognition software. Shopiago then searches all connected channels with one click.

With the best price suggested automatically, you’ll have your donated items listed in minutes and start attracting potential buyers.

And because Shopiago has analysed other live listings, your items will be priced competitively. Buyers will know they’re getting the best deal, and you’ll know you’re getting as much profit as possible.

With Shopiago’s charity eCommerce donated goods valuation software, you’ll increase sales and increase profits.