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Webstore integrations for charity shops

Get your donated items in front of millions of potential customers – without the time and hassle that often comes with managing webstores and online marketplaces. With Shopiago’s charity webstore integrations, we help you increase your exposure, streamline stock & order management, and sell all of your store’s items in multiple places at once.

Our webstore integrations are the quick, easy and cost-effective way for charities to sell online to a wider audience, at higher prices.

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Connect and sell in minutes

Shopiago is quick and easy to set-up. All you need to do is connect to your accounts on Amazon, eBay and Shopify using our marketplace and webstore integrations, and we’ll take care of the rest. All of your listings are imported immediately.   

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Manage orders in one place

From your Shopiago dashboard, you can simply manage all of your listings in one place. All your customer messages, order details, and shipping information are here together – so you don’t have to go through the time-consuming process of logging into different eBay, Amazon and Shopify accounts.

You can see all sales, on all of your channels, all in one place, and add any new listings whenever you want.

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Multiple locations, maximum value

With Shopiago’s webstore integrations, you can sell all of your stock across multiple channels. Put a donated item up for sale on Amazon, eBay and Shopify, all at the same time.

Smart software – including barcode scanning and image recognition –  helps you find the exact matches of live, sold and unsold listings across every connected channel. You can then replicate the information to speed up the listing process.

The same software suggests the best possible price points for your item, by analysing past selling history and current prices for similar products. And real time inventory management updates stock levels automatically whenever you sell.

Webstore listing management

Save time and effort

For any charity looking to improve their sales, reduce wasted staff and increase their profits, Shopiago is the perfect solution.  Our webstore integrations and unique software is built to support charities who want to sell online.

By connecting with multiple marketplaces, streamlining order processing, and automating stock management, we reduce the time staff and volunteers waste on administration.

By using software to find detailed product information from similar items and analysing price points to determine the maximum value for a product, we increase your profits and minimise the effort required by charity staff.

Charity shop webstore integration software

Shopiago Searches, Identifies and Values Your Stock For You!

Once you’re connected via any of Shopiago’s webstore integrations, identifying and valuing donated items is easy. Stop running time consuming and often fruitless Google searches and forget about trawling through marketplaces for matching items on sale.

Shopiago’s barcode scanning and image recognition features enable an exact match to be made and the system automatically. It then carries out a fully automated search on Amazon, eBay or any other connected sales channel too.

No barcode or camera? No problem! Simply enter in a short description of the item and Shopiago will search for it and find matches.

Shopiago searches live, sold and unsold listings and once you have the matches, Shopiago will suggest the optimal selling price for your item. It even lets you replicate existing listings then edit them to your own requirements thereby saving you lots of time.