Shopify integration for charity shops

A Shopify webstore can be a huge asset to charity shops, as an online extension of your physical stores and a place to sell your donated items to a wider audience. However, many charities worry about the additional time and effort required for staff to manage a webstore.

Shopiago takes that worry away. Our Shopify integration saves time, effort and cost in listing, selling, order processing and shipping – and it helps your charity to make more money. Shopiago is the simple, effective way to connect to Shopify and other online marketplaces and sell in multiple places at once.

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Search for, identify and value your stock

Once you’re connected via Shopiago’s charity Shopify integration, identifying and valuing donated items is easy. There’s no need to run time consuming and often fruitless Google searches or seek out matching items for sale on marketplaces. Shopiago’s barcode scanning and image recognition features enable an exact match to be made and the system then goes on to carry out a fully automated search on Shopify, Amazon, eBay or any other connected sales channel.

No barcode or camera? No problem! Simply enter in a short description of the item and Shopiago will search for it and find matches. Shopiago searches live, sold and unsold listings and once you have the matches, Shopiago will suggest the optimal selling price for your item. It even lets you replicate existing listings then edit them to your own requirements thereby saving you lots of time.

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Increase your sales

With our Shopify integration for charity shops, you’ll be selling more of your donated items online – without any hassle. Our software helps you manage your Shopify sales more easily, post new items quicker, and lets you reach a wider audience with all of your products when you integrate with online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

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Simplify all listings

Shopiago makes it easier for charity shop staff and volunteers to upload new listings and edit existing ones in your Shopify webstore. Once you’ve integrated with Shopiago, you can manage all listings from one central place and use the unique search functionality to find similar and related items for sale. Enter a short description, scan the barcode or take a picture with image recognition, and the software then scans all live, sold and unsold listings to find exact matches. You can then replicate the details – speeding up the time it takes to get all the necessary info and add them to a new listing.

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Get more revenue

Shopify integration for your charity shop also means you can take advantage of our unique price finding tools. We search all connected channels for the product you are about to sell, comparing selling prices on all live, sold and unsold listings to give you the best advice on making your charity the maximum amount possible from each individual item.

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Manage your stock more easily

When you integrate your Shopify webstore with Shopiago, you’ll find it’s much easier to manage stock levels from our central dashboard. All your listings and your stock are in one place – so you can sell the same item across all connected marketplaces to give it the best exposure. When it sells in one place, stock levels are automatically updated on each channel or listings removed completely if the item is sold out.

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Process orders faster

Our Shopify integration is designed to help make it easier than ever for charities to sell their donated items online. Everything you need from your Shopify webstore is in one place: all order details, all customer messages, and all shipping details. You can process each order from Shopify – and from other channels – straight from Shopiago, so staff don’t need to waste time logging into multiple places.

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Connect with other marketplaces

As well as integrated Shopify, you can also connect eBay and Amazon marketplaces to your Shopiago account. When you receive a new donated item, you can list it simultaneously on all three online locations, at the best possible price. You’ll reach a much wider, engaged audience, and will be able to almost double the national average selling price for that item. That’s less hassle, a bigger audience, and more profit for your charity.