The best Shopify apps and add-ons for charities

One of the best things about setting up an online Shopify store for your charity shop is the ability to customise it.

And with pre-built apps and add-ons, it’s really easy to enhance your online web presence, sell more donated goods, and increase your profits.

Here are some of the most popular and most effective Shopify apps you might want to add to your online charity store:

Allow donations at any time

You can just set up donations like products on Shopify and have them listed all the time for customers to pick a specific amount – £5, £10 or £15 for example. They then go through the usual check-out process.

But if you’d like to let customers choose their own specific amounts to donate to your charity, then you could install one of several donation apps available on the Shopify app store.

Pay What You Want is a great option, and there are several other apps designed for businesses who want to allow tips, like Tipify or Tipslite web which would work just as well for charitable donations. Similarly, Round Up For Charity lets customers round up their final basket price and donate the extra amount to your charity as well. 

Stop potential customers losing what’s in their basket

When a new customer visits your Shopify charity store, they might find an item that you’re selling and want to buy it, but not be quite ready to check-out. They’ll want to add it to their basket and save it for later, perhaps to keep looking to see what else they can find.

But if they get distracted and leave your shop, anything they’ve put in their basket could be lost.

Apps like Persistent Cart ensure this isn’t the case. It links a customer’s shopping cart to their account so anything they add doesn’t get lost. Other apps like Recover Cart Pusher will actively send users a message via their browser if they abandon their shopping cart and encourage them to come back and finish their purchase.  

Show buyers what other customers are looking at

We’re all very curious when we shop online. We want to know what other people are buying, and whether we’re making the right choice.

Apps like Sales Pop use that curiosity to your advantage and help persuade potential customers that they should be buying the item they’re looking at.

It generates a little pop up at the bottom of the screen when your customers are looking at a product, showing them how many other people have bought that item, and what other used goods they’re currently buying.

It creates trust and credibility amongst shoppers whilst giving them a nudge in the right direction to buy.  

Add some urgency to product listing

Another classic tactic of online retailers is to show how items are almost sold out, or available for a limited time only. This creates a sense of urgency in potential customers, as they’re worried about missing out.

You can encourage your potential customers to buy from your Shopify charity shop too, with apps like Countdown Cart. This does what it says on the tin, putting a timer on your products that counts down when a user is viewing it, to encourage them to buy now or risk losing that item they really want.

It can also add stock timers and social proof pop-ups too. 

Partner up with Share The Love

Share The Love is an app that’s used by lots of businesses on Shopify to raise money for their preferred charities and non-profits.

By partnering with the app, you can become one of the listed charities. Then you can reach out to local businesses – or any company you have connected with previously – and see if they would like to add you as a charity who their shoppers can donate to. 

Don’t forget to connect to Shopiago

All of these apps will help increase the likelihood of customers buying from your charity shop and hopefully encourage more donations too.

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