The Benefits of Multi-Channel Retail for Charities

If your charity is thinking about expanding its operations and looking for ways to reach a wider audience, increase sales and boost profits, then multi-channel retail is definitely something you should be investing in.

There many different benefits to multi-channel selling, and with the right tools and software to support your charity, you could be listing your products online, in multiple places, in no time at all.

What it multi-channel selling?

Multi-channel selling simply refers to a sales strategy where businesses or charities provide multiple places for customers to buy goods or services.

It’s not a new strategy, as many businesses have offered two or more places to buy items from for decades. Typically, this would be a brick and mortar store partnered with a catalogue or mail order options.

More recently, subscription services and direct debit options (for charities) have added another dimension to multi-channel selling.

But the most common area for multi-channel retail is now online. And there’s not just one place online either. Your own websites, dedicated webstores, and marketplaces likes Amazon, eBay and Etsy all offer avenues for charities to pursue a multi-channel strategy.

Here’s why it’s a strategy worth investing in:

1. You can reach more potential buyers

When you sell in multiple places, you will reach more potential buyers. It’s simple math.

Some people prefer to shop exclusively on Amazon, whilst others prefer eBay. Some might enjoy browsing for items in store, whereas others like to stay at home and scour the internet.

If you want to get the items donated to your charity in front of as many eyes as possible, then you should sell online in as many places as possible. Multi-channel retail software like Shopiago can help your charity do this.

2. You’re being more inclusive

Selling in several different places also means you’re being more inclusive for all of your potential customers too. You are offering them the flexibility and the freedom to choose how they would like to buy from you.

Some customers may not be able to physically make it to your charity shop, but they can access a computer or mobile device and shop online.

With multi-channel retail, your customers can buy from you at any time that’s convenient for them – on the morning commute, sat in front of the TV in the evening, or if they just happen to be passing your shop.

3. You move stock faster

When you’re listing the donated items in your charity shop on multiple marketplaces online, you’re far more likely to find a buyer faster.

Your items will be visible instantly in several different places, so you might find you’re selling goods quicker than ever before. You’re not waiting for someone to come into your shop, look around and decide what they want.

Instead, potential customers can see straight away what they are looking for via a quick search. Some may even have notifications set up, to let them know as soon as an item is listed that they are looking for.

4. You promote your charity and boost your reputation

Potential customers and patrons of your charity will expect you to be online. If you’re not, they’ll think something is missing, that you’re not as established or reputable as you should be.

By embracing multi-channel retail, you’ll ensure that your charity and your brand is visible in as many places as possible, and you’ll be able to engage more frequently with potential customers.

It’s a great way to boost loyalty and support for your charity – even if they’re not always buying directly from you.

5. You improve sales and profits

Finally – and most importantly – selling in multiple places on and offline helps to improve your sales. The more opportunities customers have to buy from you, the more likely they will do so.

And the more sales you make, the greater the profits for your charity. 

Take the challenges out of multi-channel retail 

Of course, multi-channel selling can be time intensive and require a lot of effort from you and your team. You need to manage stock effectively, streamline listing processes and ensure you stay on top of all orders from each of the different online marketplaces.

To maximise the benefits and reduce this time and effort, you might want to try software like Shopiago.

It’s an incredibly simple and efficient way for charities to embrace multi-channel retail. Connect in minutes, and then you can manage all of your channels, all your listings and all your stock from one single place.

Try it out for free here.