How Stock Management Software Transforms Charity eCommerce

As a traditional charity shop, you probably already have some form of stock management as part of your day to day operations.

It’s absolutely necessary to be organised with your stock, especially when you’re accepting new donations all the time. It might just be as simple as organising into categories, distributing to local stores, and checking what’s sold.

But if you’re thinking of selling your donated items online through an eCommerce shop or marketplace like Amazon or eBay, you’ll want to ensure you have a solid stock management system to support your charity business. Stock management software can help you do that. 

Stock management software streamlines your stock management processes

 One of the main challenges with online selling is how to keep track of your inventory. If you’re regularly receiving donations of new stock, and regularly listing new items for sale, you’ll want a way to easily see what’s going on.

Stock management software helps you do just that. It lets you see what’s coming and what’s going. With a simple click, software like Shopiago gives you an overview of your entire inventory – including current stock levels, sold items, and where your items are listed for sale.

It helps you understand which items are selling well, and which aren’t, so you can make informed decisions about prices and strategy – to maximise profit for your charity. 

Improve your efficiencies and save your staff time

Good stock management software will be a huge help to your staff too. There are lots of daily tasks required to stay on top of your inventory, many of which can be automated.

You could use it to save time on counting stock, updating stock levels and getting products listed faster. Shopiago allows you to bulk upload new stock for easy updates, so your staff don’t have to manually update every entry.

Not only does this save them time and effort, it also means improved accuracy for all your stock counts. You’re less likely to run into problems with missing stock, and will be able to generate reports much faster too.

Most importantly, a good stock management system links your entire inventory together, meaning you can sell more.

Sell more online with good stock management

When you’ve got all your stock organised and managed in one central place, you can list your products to more channels more effectively.

Good stock management lets you list the same product on multiple marketplaces – Amazon, eBay and Etsy, and your own Shopify webstore.

Because you have a central place to manage all your stock, you can control stock levels on every channel quickly and easily. Shopiago does this automatically for you with real time synchronisation.

So if you have four identical CDs for sale, you simply upload the stock level once, and the system updates the stock levels on all connected channels. It means you can always have your items listed in as many locations as possible, always have accurate stock levels, and always be maximising your chance of selling. 

Prevent any chance of overselling

The biggest danger of listing the same items on different marketplaces is that of overselling.

You have a product listed in three or four different places, and it sells on Amazon and eBay. But the problem is you only have one of those products, so one customer will be disappointed.

A stock management system stops that from happening. It connects all your sales and listings, so if an item sells on Amazon, the stock level of all other channels is updated automatically.

If you only have one product left in stock, when that sells on one channel the listings are automatically removed from all other connected marketplaces.

It’s an easy way to ensure you provide good customer service. 

Keep your customers happy

That’s one of the key benefits of a stock management system. It helps you to keep your customers happy. You can list all the possible items they can buy from you, and they don’t need to worry about items being out of stock.

And you can use your efficient inventory management to quickly despatch sold items too.

The best thing about a stock management system like Shopiago is that it’s incredibly easy to use and connects in minutes. It grows with your eCommerce charity business, and helps you maximise your sales and your profits.

Put good stock management processes in place now, and you’ll prevent any pain or hassle in the future.

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