Etsy integration for charity shops

Connect your charity shop with the thousands of engaged buyers who use Etsy every day, and you could sell more donated goods in the UK (and the rest of the world), increase your revenue and promote the amazing work your charity does.

With over fifty million users worldwide, the Etsy marketplace specialises in vintage items and unique gifts, the perfect place for many of the items charity shops receive each day. And the fastest way to get your items on there and start selling today? Shopiago’s charity Etsy integration.

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The Quickest Way to Find and Value Your Stock

After a simple set-up process that’s easy to follow, you and your charity shop will be able to sell on Etsy in no time at all. Don’t worry about finding all the necessary information you need for a listing. Shopiago’s charity Etsy integration does all that hard work for you.


Our unique software will search and find matching items for sale across Etsy and other marketplaces. Just scan the barcode, use image recognition features or enter a short product description, and it automatically scans all connected marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Etsy to find exact matches.


With matches found, all you need to do is replicate the listing, editing whichever areas you want and saving lots of time. And because our technology searches all live, sold and unsold listings, we know the optimal value of your item and can suggest the best-selling price for your team. No working out, no lost profit.

Etsy stock valuation

Reach a wider audience

When you’ve integrated your charity shop with Etsy, you’ll have access to buyers who are looking exclusively for knick-knacks, second-hand trinkets, and wonderfully unique items. That’s what Etsy is known for. By selling the stock from your charity shop, you’ll be reaching a wider audience that’s extremely interested in what you have to offer – and an audience that’s happy to pay more for it.

Increase audience

Simplify your listing process

Shopiago’s charity Etsy integration helps speed up and simply the listing process, so whenever you receive new donated items, it’s easy for your staff to add them to your Etsy account. You can create new listing from scratch and publish them directly to Etsy, or you can use Shopiago’s unique software to find similar items and replicate all the relevant details you require – making listing even faster and easier.

Etsy listing management

Take control of all your stock

If you’re selling on Etsy and on other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, you’ll need to make sure all your stock is well managed. Charity Etsy integration with Shopiago lets you control all of your stock and all of your sales – on all of your connected marketplaces – from one single place. All you need to do is log on, and you can add, remove or edit stock as required.

Etsy stock management

Manage all your orders together

Once you’ve connected your charity shop to Etsy with Shopiago’s simple integration, you’ll be able to process all your online customer orders from one central place too. All your communication and messages, all your order details and all delivery information is stored securely in your Shopiago account, so you don’t need to log into different marketplaces to deal with the different sales your charity shop makes.

Etsy order management

Maximise your charity shop profits

Most importantly, Shopiago’s Etsy integration helps your charity make more money. As well as selling to a wider audience, our unique software scans and analyses the prices of similar items – both sold and unsold listings – across multiple marketplaces. It quickly identifies the best price point to sell your donated items at and reach their maximum value, so your staff don’t have to guess.

Increase Etsy profits

Connect with Etsy and sell in multiple places

One of the biggest benefits of Shopiago is that you can sell all of your donated item in several different places at once, all without the fear of overselling. When you’ve connected with Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Shopify, you can list a single item to all marketplaces with one simple click.

Shopiago’s clever technology manages all your stock and listings for you, so when an item sells on Etsy, it’s immediately removed from the other marketplaces. With Shopiago, you can put your charity shop’s donated items in front of as many potential buyers as possible, sell as fast as possible, and make the maximum profit.