eBay integration for charity shops

With millions of users every single day, eBay has a huge audience that you can and should be selling to. Integrate your charity shop with eBay, and you can make sure that all the stock you hold in-store is available to buy by anyone on eBay.

Shopiago’s charity eBay integration makes this process quick and easy. Get connected in a matter of minutes –  and start improving your sales (and your profits) today.

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Reach a wider audience

eBay integration helps you reach a much wider customer base than the traditional footfall you can expect in your charity shop. Once you’re connected with Shopiago, you can share all of your items for sale on eBay with just a few simple clicks. Then anyone in the UK – or around the world – who wants that item can easily buy it from your charity shop.

Wider customer base

Search for, identify and value your stock

Once you’re connected via Shopiago’s charity eBay integration, identifying and valuing donated items is easy. There’s no need to run time consuming and often fruitless Google searches or seek out matching items for sale on marketplaces. Shopiago’s barcode scanning and image recognition features enable an exact match to be made and the system then goes on to carry out a fully automated search on eBay, Amazon or any other connected sales channel.

No barcode or camera? No problem! Simply enter in a short description of the item and Shopiago will search for it and find matches. Shopiago searches live, sold and unsold listings and once you have the matches, Shopiago will suggest the optimal selling price for your item. It even lets you replicate existing listings then edit them to your own requirements thereby saving you lots of time.

eBay stock search

Adding listings is easy

Once you’re connected via Shopiago’s charity eBay integration, it’s extremely easy to add all listings to eBay – easier than using the eBay platform itself. Use Shopiago to find similar items for sale, using the barcode, image recognition or a short description. The powerful software then scans all current listings – including both sold and unsold – to find exact matches of the item you’re selling. You can then copy details or replicate the whole listing, reducing admin time and helping your staff make sure they have all the information they need.

Easy eBay listing

Simplify your stock management

With Shopiago, you can sell the same product on eBay, on Amazon, in your own webstore and in your shop. The real time integrations and updates let you keep track of all your stock at all times. You can add and remove stock directly on eBay from your Shopiago account. And if the item sells in one place, the product can be automatically removed from all other channels. 

Simple stock management

Find the best prices

eBay integration means you and your staff don’t have to worry about finding the right price for donated items. Shopiago scans eBay – and any other connected channels – to analyse current selling and previously sold prices, helping you pinpoint the highest price to sell your items at – and maximising your revenue.

Stock valuation

Save time on order processing

When you’ve integrated your charity store with eBay, you’ll be able to use Shopiago to manage all eBay orders from one central location. You won’t need to log into different channels – all your messages, order information and shipping details are right in front of you. It saves a lot of time and effort for your staff.

eBay order processing software

Maximise profits for your charity shop with Shopiago

Shopiago’s eBay integration for your charity can help you sell more of your donated items online and get more money for them. You can reduce admin costs with simple and efficient stock management – using software that helps you research, value and list products in a matter of minutes. Our customers find that using Shopiago for charity sales on eBay helps them increase productivity, sell more items and almost double the profits they’d make from in-store selling alone.