Shopiago helps you and your team list all of the products you’d like to sell online – quickly and simply. Clone existing listings to reduce data entry, create multiple listings in just a few clicks and manage all of your items for sale – on multiple marketplaces – in one single place.

Don’t let listing on Amazon be complicated or time-consuming. Connect to Shopiago instead.

Why Use Listing Software for Amazon?

Shopiago’s Amazon Listing Software is the perfect starting point for any charity wanting to sell stock on Amazon’s marketplaces. It’s an essential tool for sellers who want to run an efficient and effective online store on Amazon. With Shopiago, you’ll find:

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Listings are streamlined

Adding new listings to Amazon takes seconds rather than minutes. Don’t add details and descriptions to every field, when Shopiago can clone listings with as much information as you want.

Amazon Listing Software

Stock management is simple

When you connect your Amazon account to Shopiago, all your listings and stock are in one single place. With a quick glance you can see what your stock levels are, which listings have sold out, and which are unsold.

Amazon Stock Management

Updates are easy

If you want to make any changes or additions to your listings, editing on Amazon can be a difficult process. With Shopiago, you can quickly make changes to all parts of your listings and update Amazon immediately.

Amazon Listing Software

Bulk listings are hassle-free

For charity shops who want to list bulk items on Amazon, Shopiago’s software ensures its easy and hassle-free. Simply upload your stock list to Shopiago and list your products on Amazon and other connected channels like eBay and Etsy.

Amazon Bulk Listings

You save time and reduce effort

Quick and simple listing software for Amazon will help anyone working for your charity save time and reduce the work they need to put in adding products to list. Find, clone and publish listings with minimal effort, and you’ll improve productivity and efficiency with Shopiago.

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How else can Amazon Listing Software help my charity?

Shopiago’s listing software for charities doesn’t just help speed up and simplify the process of adding new products to sell on Amazon. It can also make selling on other channels quick and easy too, as well as improving both sales AND profits for your charity.

Multi-channel selling

Reach a wider audience and increase your sales by selling on multiple platforms and marketplaces. Shopiago lets you list the same item on every connected channel, seamlessly uploading all the required product information to Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify. With one click, you can list an item in several different places and maximise your chance of selling at the best price.

Multi-channel selling

Automated Smart Research

Just scan the barcode, take a picture or enter a short description of the item you want to list on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, and Shopiago’s smart software automatically scans all connected channels to search for matches on current, sold and unsold listings. It then analyses and suggests the best possible price for your item to help your charity maximise profit.

Amazon Listing Valuation

Process orders faster

Not only does Shopiago keep all your listings and stock in one single place, it also helps you organise and manage all of your customer orders more efficiently too. Keep all buyer communication and order details together, whatever channel you’re selling on, save time logging into different platforms, and reduce the chance of missing an order or an email.

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