Amazon integration for charity shops

Maximise the profits of your charity shop by making sure that all the donated items you receive are easy to buy by anyone who uses Amazon. You’ll reach a wider audience all across the UK (and beyond) and be able to set better prices for all of your stock.

The quickest, easiest way to connect to Amazon is to use Shopiago. Our Amazon integration makes it simple, efficient and profitable for charity shops to use Amazon Marketplace to advertise and sell all of their donated items – and make more money from them.

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Sell more donated items

If your charity shop integrates with Amazon, you can expect to sell a lot more of your donated items. You’ll be reaching out to a much wider audience than those customers who visit your physical store or your own webstore and will be visible for many more products. You’ll sell stock quicker and be able to accept more donations.

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Sell more on Amazon

Improve stock management

Shopiago’s Amazon integration simplifies selling on Amazon and how you manage all of those donated items. You can add, remove and edit stock levels from one central place – with items that are for sale and available listed on Amazon, on your own webstore and on eBay. You have the best chance possible of selling donated items for the best price – and when an item is sold, it’s automatically removed from other channels to prevent overselling.

Charity shop stock management

Search for, identify and value your stock

Once you’re connected via Shopiago’s charity Amazon integration, identifying and valuing donated items is easy. There’s no need to run time consuming and often fruitless Google searches or seek out matching items for sale on marketplaces. Shopiago’s barcode scanning and image recognition features enable an exact match to be made and the system then goes on to carry out a fully automated search on Amazon, eBay or any other connected sales channel.

No barcode or camera? No problem! Simply enter in a short description of the item and Shopiago will search for it and find matches. Shopiago searches live, sold and unsold listings and once you have the matches, Shopiago will suggest the optimal selling price for your item. It even lets you replicate existing listings then edit them to your own requirements thereby saving you lots of time.

Stock valuation

Easily manage listings

When you want to add new listings to Amazon, Shopiago’s integration makes it easier than ever. It’s simple to create new listings from scratch or to update older listings of previously sold items. Shopiago’s unique software searches for similar and related products on Amazon – including live, sold and unsold listings –  to help fill in or replicate all the details your staff need and speed up the listing process. You can search via barcode, image recognition or a short description.

Amazon listing management

Streamline order processing

Once you’ve integrated your charity shop with Amazon’s marketplace using Shopiago, you can manage all of your orders in one place. Any messages from buyers on Amazon, any order details and any shipping information are all sent securely to your Shopiago account for processing. Your staff only need to log-in to one place to handle all of your charity shop sales, saving them both time and effort.

Amazon order processing software

Increase the value of stock

One of the most powerful features of Shopiago’s Amazon integration is its price finding tool. It will search Amazon and any other connected channels like eBay and Shopify for the prices of both previously sold items and those that are currently for sale. Your staff can quickly identify the price points for a donated item, and make sure they set the cost at its maximum value.

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Increase stock value

A simple, efficient way to increase your sales and your revenue

Amazon integration for your charity shop is a quick and easy option if you want to sell more of your donated items to a wider audience. With Shopiago, you can save valuable staff time on posting listings directly to Amazon, reduce your efforts in stock management, and increase the profits you make from each and every item. It’s the faster and more cost-effective way to make money for your charity.