‘Easier, Faster, Simpler’ - Looking ahead to our 2023 Ecommerce strategy

As we continue to push ourselves and work with our partners to deliver innovative solutions to the sector, Shopiago’s Business Development Director, Thom Bryan shares our 2023 strategy and journey.

2023 sees us start year three of our ‘Easier, Faster, Simpler’ Ecommerce strategy.

  • Easier – Reach, control and scalability across multiple marketplaces 
  • Faster – Operational efficiency from donation to dispatch 
  • Simpler – An intuitive user experience for a diverse array of users 
In December 2021, in recognition of the higher turnover we see from volunteers, and a high proportion of users with accessibility requirements, due to the incredible, inclusive nature of the charity sector, we released our new user interface - core to our ‘Simpler’ pillar to help provide a more accessible and intuitive interface for all of users. 
In support of our ‘Easier’ strategy pillar, in October 2022 we released ‘Shopiago 2.0’. Containing our ‘Single listing form’, we enabled users to list to multiple marketplaces in a single place – saving time whilst still servicing the merchandising nuances of each of our integrated marketplaces. This release also included our multi-variant functionality to support the sector’s increasing focus on corporate supply partnerships, and finally, with it we released our API to enable EPOS integration and provide charities with the ability to build their own dashboards in their central business intelligence systems.  
2023 sees us shift our primary focus to our ‘Faster’ pillar, putting more emphasis on incremental efficiency gains across all parts of our charity partner’s operations – speed, core journey enhancements, additional reporting and listing automation which all form part of our plans for the coming year. 
We will continue to push ourselves, and our partners to bring innovative solutions to the sector, to drive our collective sustainability mission, and help charities raise as much as possible for their worthy causes. On behalf of the whole team at Shopiago - thank you to all our users and partners for your continued support and collaboration.  
Here’s to the future. 

2023 Product Roadmap

Our 2023 Product Roadmap sets out our focus areas and helps us to share our direction with you.