Why Feedback Is So Important on Amazon and eBay

Before you set up an online charity shop or a marketplace account and start selling donated goods to a wider audience, you’ll need to make sure you and your staff understand the importance of feedback.

Feedback – or seller ratings – is a key part of the online experience for marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and both companies place a great deal of emphasis on it.

Besides helping you to improve your offering and your service, feedback from buyers of your items plays a very important role in increasing profits for your charity.

Here’s how:

It demonstrates your experience and reputation

Positive feedback on eBay and Amazon shows buyers that you know what you’re doing. It’s an extension of your reputation as a charity shop on the high street.

It’s social proof to them, because they can see that other buyers – people just like them – have bought from you and it was the right decision.

Those previous buyers had a positive experience, so there’s no reason why a new buyer won’t have a good experience too.

The more feedback you have, the clearer it is to potential customers that you have experience selling online and are competent in processing orders and shipping goods.

It builds trust amongst potential customers

Good feedback is also a clear indicator to potential customers that you can be trusted.

Buyers on Amazon and eBay know that their fellow shoppers are scrupulous in leaving negative feedback if something goes wrong. So if they see you have mostly positive feedback, they’ll know that there’s a very strong likelihood everything will be fine if they order from you.

They’ll trust they will get the right item, as described. They’ll trust they will pay a fair price. And they’ll trust it will be dispatched and shipped in good time.

Positive feedback helps overcome any potential buyer objections.

It helps you stand out against the competition

When there are several different sellers on eBay and Amazon selling the same item as you, your charity shop needs a way to stand out.

Positive feedback is a good way to do that. Buyers know that too. They will compare the feedback ratings of different sellers to see who has the best, and then buy the item they need from them.

After all, it’s in the buyer’s best interest to buy a product from the seller who is most likely to provide the best possible experience.

It helps you get into the Buy Box

Further still, seller feedback ratings can also affect the position in which you appear in search results. The better your score, the more likely you’ll be promoted over other sellers.

This is certainly true on eBay, where algorithms favour placing “Top Sellers” (achieved by getting a high number of positive feedback ratings), at the top of search listings.

And on Amazon, a positive feedback rating is one of the key factors which determines which sellers are promoted to the ‘Buy Box’. This is the “Buy It Now” button, where shoppers can purchase your item with just one click.

It’s where most buyers on Amazon will click. It you’re in it, you’ll see a substantial increase in your sales compared to your competition.

The key to getting good feedback

So how do you get that all important positive feedback?

There are three key factors to receiving good feedback from buyers, assuming that you are genuinely selling the item as described in your listing:

  • The best price
  • A smooth order process
  • Fast shipping

Shopiago can help you achieve all of that. Its smart software automatically searches all listings of the item you’re selling, to recommend the best price for you to sell at – the one that buyers are likely to buy and the one that makes you the most profit.

It also helps you manage your order and shipping process from one central place, to keep on top of everything and provide a quick, efficient service to customers.

And when you’ve increased your efficiency through listing and processing with Shopiago, you’ll have more time to do what many sellers forget when it comes to feedback:

Actually asking your buyers to leave feedback for you!

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